Test Results

Use the Actions menu to see student scores for placement tests.

  1. From My Tests, click Actions > Results for the test.
  2. Optional: Click a column heading to sort the table.
  3. Optional: Filter the results by typing a full or partial student name, ID, or email address above the results.

The Results page shows the most recent test score for each student along with information about how long the student took on the latest attempt and how many retakes have been used.

  • Only students who have started the placement test are listed. For students who have not finished, in progress is shown.
  • A dash (—) indicates either that data are not available (usually the student has not completed the test) or that no retakes have been granted.
  • Download results data to see more information, including scores for previous attempts and points earned for each test question.
  • Student identification data are provided by the learning management system (LMS).