Show Post-Test Info Based on Score Ranges

You can use score ranges to show course recommendations or other post-test information based on the student's score.

You can use score ranges even if you do not show students their scores.

Note: By default, post-test info is shown for a single score range labeled Display for all scores.
  1. Add a score range.
    1. Above an existing score range, click Add Score Range.
    2. Above the new score range, type the minimum score for the range.

    The Display for all scores range is renamed Lowest Scores.

    Each higher range is labeled based on the minimum score, for example, Scores ≥ 15.

  2. Enter post-test information for each score range.

    Each student will see post-test information only for the highest score range achieved.

  3. To remove a score range, click trash above the range and confirm your action.