Grant Time Accommodations

To grant some students more time for a timed placement test, administrators can create one or more time accommodation profiles and provide the profile password to students requiring the accommodation.

Time accommodations can be used only for timed placement tests.

Each time accommodation specifies a multiplier factor between 1 and 5 that increases the testing time for students using the accommodation. To allow unlimited time, set the multiplier to 0.

Best Practice: A typical accommodation multiplier is 1.5, giving students 90 minutes to complete a test that has a time limit of 60 minutes.

For students to use an accommodation, they enter the accommodation password at the start of testing.

Time accommodation passwords are valid for all timed placement tests at your institution.

  1. From My Tests, click Actions > Setup for the test you want to change.
  2. Under Create Time Accommodation, enter the multiplier and password for a new accommodation and click Save.
  3. Optional: Click Delete to remove an accommodation.
  4. Before testing begins, provide the accommodation password to students requiring the accommodation.