View Analytics

View analytics for a placement test to see item-response difficulty and discrimination indexes for each question on the test.

  1. From My Tests, click Actions > Analytics to view the analytics report for a test.
  2. Optional: Click a column heading to sort the table.

The Test Performance page lists each question on the placement test with discrimination and difficulty indexes for each item.

  • Data are based only on each student's most recent completed take of the placement test.
  • No data are shown if fewer than five students have completed the placement test.
Latest Status
A visual indicator of the point-biserial discrimination index for the question.
  • High correlation > 0.5
  • Moderate correlation ≥ 0.2 and < 0.5
  • Low or negative correlation < 0.2
The name of the placement test question.
Point-Biserial Discrimination
Represents how well student performance on the question correlates with overall placement test performance. Values from 0 to 1 represent positive correlation, with higher values indicating stronger correlation.
Percent Correct
The percentage of students who answered the question correctly is a simple difficulty index for the question.
Note: For analytics calculations, correctly answered questions are those for which every part was answered correctly.

To improve the performance of your placement test, consider working with your sales representative to revise or replace test items that have consistently low discrimination values.