Info for Students

You must enter messages to be shown to students before starting and after completing the placement test.

  1. Enter Pre-Test information to show students before starting the test.

    For example:

    • Is the test timed?
    • If testing accommodations are needed, whom should the student contact?
    • Are calculators allowed?
  2. Under Post-Test, select or clear Show score to student.

    If selected, students are shown their earned points both at the end of the test and when returning to the My Tests page.

  3. Enter Post-Test information to show students at the end the test.

    For example:

    • If the score is not shown, how will students get their results?
    • What is the retake policy?

    Use score ranges to show different course recommendations based on the student's score.

  4. Click Next.

The test is added to My Tests or updated, and will be available to students on the start date.