Students Can't Open WebAssign Assignments From Canvas

If you or the course creator added a WebAssign login tool to your Canvas™ course (basic integration) and uploaded WebAssign assignments to Canvas (advanced integration) for the same section, your students will not be able to open the WebAssign assignments. The message To access this assignment, open it first from your learning management system is displayed to students.

This can also be caused by publishing the WebAssign tool that is created automatically when uploading your assignments to Canvas.


  1. Unpublish all of the WebAssign login tools in your Canvas course so your students must use the assignment links to open WebAssign.
    1. Click Modules.
    2. Click the unpublish (green cloud) icon beside each of the listed WebAssign modules.
  2. Remove any duplicate WebAssign apps for your Canvas course.
    1. Click Settings, then View App Configurations.

      The configured apps are listed.

      Note The app created by uploading your assignments is named WebAssign. Do not remove this one.
    2. Beside the duplicate WebAssign apps, click Settings  > Delete.