Configure Data Not to Sync Between Blackboard and WebAssign for a Course

For WebAssign building block version 2.1.0 and later, you can select specific courses for which to disable syncing of some or all data. This feature is available only if you have enabled automatic syncing in the building block.

Instructors can disable or re-enable automatic syncing for specific courses, but they cannot specify which data are synced.

Note Requires WebAssign building block version 2.1.0 and later.
BlackboardĀ® and WebAssign can synchronize the following data:
  • Course rosters can be synced one way from Blackboard to WebAssign.
  • Assignment scores can be synced one way from WebAssign to Blackboard.
  1. Sign in to Blackboard as a system administrator.
  2. Navigate to the list of installed building blocks.
    1. Open the administrator panel.
    2. Under Building Blocks, click Building Blocks.
    3. Click Installed Tools.
  3. Click WebAssign building block and select Settings.
  4. Click Courses to Include and Exclude.

    The Manage Course list page is displayed.

  5. Under Upload Settings, click Browse.
  6. Select the course you want to manage.
    If you know the course ID:
    1. Type the course ID in the field provided.
    If you do not know the course ID:
    1. Select the course you want to manage and click Submit.

    The course ID is displayed under Select Courses.

  7. Click Submit.
    The managed courses are listed at the bottom of the page. For each data item, an icon is displayed indicating whether the data will be automatically synced.
    • green check mark indicates the data will be synced automatically.
    • red x indicates the data will not be synced automatically.
  8. Optional: Beside a course, click the green check mark or red x to change the auto-sync status for that item.