Sakai Integration

If available, instructors and students can access WebAssign assignments from SakaiĀ®.

Note Advanced LMS integration is not available for Sakai.


Basic integration between Sakai and WebAssign provides automatic rostering of students and single sign-on:

  • Students can open WebAssign from Sakai without signing in to WebAssign separately.
  • The first time each student opens WebAssign from Sakai, they are added to your WebAssign class roster.
  • Students can't open Sakai from WebAssign.
  • Students who drop the Sakai section are not dropped from the WebAssign section.
  • Students who transfer out of the Sakai section are not dropped from the WebAssign section.

Before You Begin

Set up integration at the start of the term, and only for WebAssign course sections with no enrolled students.

Important Turn off self-enrollment for your WebAssign course. Do not link a Sakai course to an existing WebAssign course if:
  • students are already enrolled
  • you gave students a class key to self-enroll

Requesting Sakai Integration

If Sakai integration is not shown under LMS Integration on the Class Settings page, contact your Learning Consultant. If needed, you can find your Learning Consultant at (Latin America) or (Brazil).

Note Always follow your institutionā€™s IT guidelines for requesting new external tools.