Summer 2012 New Feature Release

Dear Instructor,

As the technology world evolves, we make every effort to ensure compatibility with the latest hardware innovations, and inside of the latest campus learning management solutions. This summer, we focused on two major upgrades designed to improve how WebAssign works for you and your students: Blackboard integration and iPad compatibility.

Time Answering a Question: Anticipate How Long Your Students Will Spend

In addition to seeing the expected difficulty and number of students that had previously answered each question, the Question Browser and Assignment Editor now displays the anticipated time it will take a student to answer each question. With data anonymously collected from every student that has ever attempted the problem, WebAssign uses a patent-pending process to arrive at a median time spent on task. As you build your assignment, you will see the anticipated time the whole assignment will take to complete, allowing you to create assignments based on a preferred duration. Learn how to view Time Answering a Question statistics.


Blackboard Integration: Bringing the Power of WebAssign to Your Required LMS

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest version of the Blackboard Building Block™! This enhanced Version 2.0 provides new functionality to meet current customers’ growing needs, and includes the ability:

  • for LTI-compliant single sign-on
  • to synchronize Blackboard course rosters to linked WebAssign courses
  • to synchronize student grades from WebAssign directly to the Blackboard Gradebook
  • to select a textbook when creating a WebAssign course created through Blackboard
  • to create a linked WebAssign course from within Blackboard
You can learn more about the latest Blackboard Building Block by visiting our Blackboard Integration documentation.


iPad Compatibility: Answering Your Homework On the Latest Devices

With more students arriving on campus outfitted with Apple’s latest hardware device, we knew most of them would want to be able to complete and submit their assignments with it. So, after several months of diligent work, we’re happy to announce that WebAssign’s math and physics tools are now available on the iPad! The tools included in this compatibility update include mathPad, calcPad, the Graphing Tool, NumberLine, and physPad.

It makes no difference in grading whether work is completed on an iPad or on another supported platform. However, there are some differences in how you work on the iPad to be aware of that you can read more about in our online help.


We hope you find these updates useful as you prepare for the start of a new semester.

The WebAssign Team