When it comes to teaching calculus, one thing is certain: you need the right tools to get the job done. Only WebAssign was built to withstand the rigors of teaching calculus to today’s students.

Grading Homework Just Like You Do

WebAssign’s patent-pending process to interpret and evaluate student responses puts even the toughest free-response questions to the test. WebAssign uses a series of robust grading routines customized for each particular exercise to determine whether a student should receive credit for her answer by accepting multiple correct answers for the same complex question. In other words, WebAssign grades a lot more like a living, breathing professor and a lot less like a computer.

Download the Answer Evaluation and Grading System Report to learn more!

Also, try our brief student sample assignment, a collection of questions across the mathematics curriculum. Enter in our suggested answers, or any of your own, to see how accurate our grading system truly is.

Supporting Over 480 Math and Statistics Textbooks Across the Curriculum

We know that deciding on the perfect textbook for your course is tough. But deciding on the perfect homework system just got easier! No matter what textbook you’re using, you’ll find a complementary question bank with feedback, detailed solutions, step-by-step interactive tutorials, and even problem-solving videos organized to match your adopted textbook table of contents.

WebAssign has content from every major textbook publisher in math and statistics. Select new titles for 2014 include:

Browse our complete mathematics textbook collection and statistics textbook collection to find your adopted textbook today!

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